What Should The Groomsmen Wear

After selecting a venue, setting the date, and deciding on the ensemble, one of the main things remaining is ensuring that your friends are well suited up. This is the time to ask yourself what your groomsmen are supposed to wear.

The process of choosing your groomsmen attire should, however, be fun rather than stressful. To make it easier for you, here some of the most important things to consider when picking your groomsmen attire:

1. Outfit that matches the theme, formality, and style of the event

Before deciding on the formalwear, you are expected to have chosen the location, theme, colors, or maybe the general vibe of the occasion. What that means is that by deciding about these factors early enough, you should be in a position to decide better what your groomsmen will wear.


If, for example, you are having a beach wedding, it would be a great idea to have the groomsmen wear nice white shirts and linen pants. You can Learn More about different wedding themes and the best outfit for such settings by looking for information online or getting ideas from professionals.

2. Matching suits are always a good idea, but not a must

Even though it’s often less complicated to buy or hire matching suits for your wedding, it’s not a requirement. In modern weddings, you can let your groomsmen run free.

For example, you can choose the color and then let your friends be the ones to decide what fit and style they want to go with. Alternatively, you can decide on the style and then have the groomsmen pick a color within a specific color family.

3. Non-traditional shoes can serve the purpose

Going with non-traditional shoes is also a great idea, even though that may depend on the type of wedding that you are having. Such shoes may include something like fresh sneakers, cowboy boots, or any other traditional shoes as long as they match the outfit. Most non-traditional shoes are comfortable, making it easy for your friends to have fun when dancing at the reception.

4. Avoid the traditional three-piece suit


Instead of picking three-piece suits as a standard for your wedding, it would be a good idea to go for something totally different. You can opt for two-piece suits, clean blue jeans with dress shirts and vests with or without ties, shirts with suspenders and dress pants (no jackets), or any other combination that works for you. You’ll never run out of choices here.

That’s it

Dressing your groomsmen is not a tough thing to do, regardless of your wedding’s theme or style. The secret here is to go for the options that are not so common, as they will make your groomsmen stand out, giving a unique feel to the wedding. You may want to seek professional advice, however, so that you can make more informed decisions.