Most Popular Fundraising Races

Charity events help in generating revenue for social organizations. Though they require a lot of planning and marketing, in the end, they create a great difference in the society.

To ensure that you have good fundraising race you have to look out for a charity that you have passion with, start preparing as early as possible, work on your short-term goals for you to solve them at an early stage, appeal for donations for your charity and learn more experience from the jargons in the field.

Here are some of the most popular fundraising clubs.

· Cupids chase 5k

It was in 2017 February 11 and occurred across 33 cities in the US under an organisation known as community options. Its main aim was to develop housing and also employment opportunities for people living with disabilities. The races included: runners, joggers, strollers, wheelchairs and also walkers.

Cupids chase 5k

· Cycle for survival

It targets 16 cities in the US having the charity organisation as Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer centre which is a hospital that researches cancer treatment. Every bike has a minimum fund of around $1000 and all the funds that are collected usually go directly to finding the cure for cancer.

· Get your rear in the Gear Tour de Tush

Targets 41 cities across the US it took at least nine months and was hosted by the colon cancer coalition. This charity event aim in educating the mass on colon cancer. The races included 40 runs and walks and three cycling events.

Their goal was to have raised screening rates to at least 80% by the year 2018.

· Tour de Cure

Targets 76 cities across the US and the charity name is the American Diabetes Association. The main aim of the race is to avoid the disease and save over 29 million Americans who have diabetes. The average amount to be raised was $200.

· Walk for a lifeworld run

Aims at 27cities abroad and the funds collected go directly to the wings of life foundations — the wings of life foundation majors with research for treatment of the spinal cord injury. This charity event also welcomes runner and competitors in wheelchairs transversely all the locations.


· Aides lifecycle Ride 545

Happens in San Francisco all through to Los Angeles through the San Francisco AIDS foundation together with the Los Angeles centre. It was a long distance cycle race of around 545 miles which took around seven days to complete. There are always tents set up on the way to stop up. This races started in the year 1993.

· Jingle bell run/walk

Targets more than 100 cities in the US. The races start in July all through to December. Its main aim is to give arthritis patients more information, care and much more support in their communities. Runners are always in Santa outfits with a lot of red, green, and bluebells.

· Susan G. Komen 3-day

It is a run for breast cancer that targets Atlanta, Dallas Philadelphia, San Diego, Seattle, twin cities and Michigan. It is always three days walking affair and has raised over $800 million for cancer research.

It is always a good campaign to run with a purpose of aiding a particular thing or a person. Though it occurs in many forms, it always aims in raising money for a specific need.