How to Edit Maternity Photos with Photoshop Actions

Pregnancy shoots are normally fun more so for the parents who think it is about showing the love and the excitement about their baby that is about to come to the world in the short time to come. For the professional photographer on the other hand, pregnancy shoot is all about showing the world how much love the mother and the father have towards their unborn child and capturing it.

The shoot has to be perfectly captured because it is a memory the parents want to have and cherish always. The photographers find creative ways to present or rather showcase and retain the love in the pictures and the two ways of doing that is by the use of Photoshop actions and the Adobe lightroom.

The photoshop actions method makes use of four simple steps involved in editing maternity photos.

Step one

The first step is about opening a photo in the raw of a camera. The highlights are adjusted to negative 58, clarity also will need some changes and that is recommended that is softened to a bit of negative 5.


Every change and the adjustment done is recorded in the left side of the screen making it easy to see the changes and for further editing as well.

Step two

This step is all about the adjustment for the purpose of lens distortion. Sometimes, photos are distorted because of the lens used or applied at the time it was taken. This makes this step important because it ensures that at the end of the process the distortion has been removed. Usually, using prime lenses that are a bit narrower yield less distortion and therefore are the most preffered. The changes are always shown in the left side of the screen.

Step three

The step involves opening the photo saved in the Photoshop CC. This step must be followed because it shows that photo that the changes have already been made and it is the point one will decide whether to make further changes or leave it the way it is. In case the background has problem, one has to run the MCP fusion for color adjustment.

Where one wants a warm glow touch color, it is adjusted to 30% opacity and for a pop color, the color slider is clicked to a 50% opacity.

The image is also flattened and more fusion is ran. A brush is used to brush the opacity at 77% and the flow at 100%. The slider of the opacity is then left at the right side of the screen at 100% for the purpose of sharpening and darkening the photo.

Step four


This step is also a step of making additional changes if need be. Mostly, at this step, the editor is more happy and comfortable with their photo but also makes slight changes if necessary. In the presence of spots in the photo, one adds a mask to the sunflare to remove them as well as lowering the opacity of the lens flare. The default is 100%.