What To Wear Traveling Cold To Warm?

There is nothing as stressful as having to travel to a place with a total different whether or climate. What you need as you leave is not what you will need when arriving at your destination in terms of dress code. When travelling from a cold to warm place, you don’t want to be seen exposing your body to chill as you move to the plane, bus or train. At the same time, you don’t want to be seen alighting from a flight with that huge jacket when any other person is in a light dressing.

This means that at some point, you will have to change to fit the climate. The change should, however, not be frustrating. Some of the things you can wear as below:

1. Tank top


Instead of having to change everything, you can decide to have a tank top inside then you can add your heavy jacket or something. Once you are done with the cold weather, you can remove the additional warm clothing and remain with the tank top. You are well to go.

2. Tights

It is also advisable that you wear a tight underneath your skirt. It will provide you with the cold that you need. Once it gets warmer, you can remove the tight.

Nobody will tell it when you meet them along the streets of the warmer area. Removing them does not deny you your comfort as well.

3. Scarf

This is the easiest way to survive from a cold to a warm place. Once you are lightly dressed, you can add up a scarf on top. If the scarf is warm, you can be sure that you will not experience the cold. Once you get to a warmer place, you only take it off and enjoy the warm climate.

4. Cardigan


Well, nobody will ever forget about a cardigan when leaving a cold place. It is very typical to remove it whenever the weather has changed. Ensure you have some light clothing beneath so that once you remove it, you got to remain comfortable.

There are several other attire that you can wear when travelling from cold to warm. click to read more.