Milton Theatre was established in 1995 and has been a part of Milton life. Milton school of arts used the Milton theatre for magic lantern shows and flicks. It is a historic theatre and a 200 seat facility that has undergone full refurbishment with modern lighting and sound equipment to create the best mood.

Count on it for a great ambience and some of the best acoustics that are good for live performances, operas, dances and plays. The Milton theatre is located 220 kilometres on the south of Sydney. The exact location is in the Milton Ulladulla area.

live music.Visiting this place is a guarantee that you will hear incredible live music. The place hosts dozens of epic talented troupes, musicians and bands each year to sooth you’re sole with the best, jazz, classic and other music genres.

Milton Theatre hosts shows for persons of all ages and gender. There are offers on some shows like for kids of twelve years and under for free shows. There are superb acoustics in this intimate venue that you will love. Get a chance to enjoy the live performances at an up close and at a personal level from different bands and artists. This is a great way to pass your weekends.

The theatre is dynamic. The main theatre has an excellent wing space and is suitable for product promotions, plays, lectures, demonstrations, fashion shows, quizzes, game shows, dance performances and orchestral performances. Commercial advertising shoots and good recitals are done here.

Tickets for watching performances or shows can be bought online. They are at an affordable and subsidized price and on most occasions, there are offers on tickets and families or couples can enjoy these packages. Milton theatre is designed by able architects Robert Doe, Kut Nadiadi, and Blonski-Heard. The theatre design is amazing and employs the latest building and construction techniques while using the most technically and well advanced equipment that exists.

The main auditorium is designed to accommodate all the shows stated above. The ceiling of this theatre can be raised or lowered depending on the different scales of production. The seating arrangement can be moved around and changed within the auditorium. It can accommodate a wide range of production like intimate drama, smaller or larger musicals.

There are new non-profit plans to change and raise the stakes of the Milton theatre in a way that will renovate the entire building and attract more renowned artists. Among them are improving the sound systems, lighting fixtures, installing a sprinkler system and rebuilding the balcony. The program intends to support educational ventures and other performing arts.

Previously, the theatre used to rent extra equipment for some performers. However, installing high-quality and modern equipment can open the doors for bigger acts. The upgrades are to benefit the performers who rely on the theatre and the local community. The theatre hosts various restaurants and local businesses. Being a theatre that has performances for persons of all ages and gender, this is a great place to get entertained and away from home.