Is it Dangerous to Sleep on an Air Mattress Every Night?

Are air beds just efficient for camping, or can they be used every night as well? What kind of unique support do they offer? For how long can they last? You can save a good amount of cash by selecting an inflatable mattress over a standard one, but the question is, “is it really a good idea? Well, this article breaks down the dangers and benefits of sleeping on an air mattress every night. It will dig into the risks related to inflatable mattresses’ long-term use and how you can make them more comfortable.

While deciding to use an air mattress, support is the key factor that you should put into consideration first and foremost. Adjustable options are an excellent idea since you can then select your level of firmness. However, they are not essential. You are needed to do a lot to make your air bed more supportive and comfortable- such as adding on a topper, using the appropriate bedding, and choosing the right base. You can click here and read more on my sleep bot about it.

Risks of sleeping on an air mattress every night

  • Temperature regulation

Regulating body temperature is one of the problems when it comes to using an inflatable bed. Most air mattresses are made of synthetic materials, like vinyl, and so will not breathe well. Du to this, there is no way to circulate the heat that your body produces throughout the night. The trapped air takes on the heat outside. That would, therefore, lead to a sweaty and uncomfortable night’s sleep when the temperatures are high.

  • Mattress maintenance

The maintenance of a lot of mattresses is low key. Your standard mattress option, for instance, just requires to be flipped severally to allow for more even tear and wear. This is not the situation with air mattress models. You must ensure that it has sufficient air in it and that holes are mended up immediately. Even when there are no holes, they naturally flatten over time and require refilling. This makes them a greater maintenance choice.

  • Body support

An air mattress is not popular for the body support it offers. Although it might be fine to sleep on it once in a while, using it every night could cause stiffness and backache. Without enough body support, your spine will go out of alignment; hence you will not have a soothing sleep.

How to make them more comfortable

  • Use a mattress topper
  • Re-Inflate frequently
  • Create a headboard

There you go. Be sure to take everything into consideration before buying an air mattress.