How to Surprise Her for Valentine’s Day like a Pro

There are two types of couples out there – those who always celebrate Valentine’s Day and those who ridicule it and consider it corny. Yes, couples should be loving and affectionate every day of the year, not just on the day that officially celebrates love. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with wanting to go the extra mile on the very day. After all, when you’re in love and want to show it, this day gives you the excuse to go over the top and do something that, admit it, you don’t actually do on ‘regular days’. So, whether you’re a huge fan or a skeptic, it’s time to buckle down and get planning, because you’re sweet Valentine deserves to be swept off her feet. 

A photo op 

Why not make it a day she will remember forever – literally, because she’ll have a set of amazing photos to look back on it every time she wishes. Forget a regular candlelight dinner, hire a professional photographer who’ll not only envision the perfect setting and take gorgeous photos commemorating your love, but who can also create a wonderful photo book for you, that’s truly worth keeping. Some people keep this for their wedding day photos, but why wait, and why have only one book when there is so much love to celebrate?

Go all out

Take her to a casual lunch, and make her think Valentine’s Day is the last thing on your mind. Yes, she might be frustrated for a minute, but be keep your cool and ask her to go for a ride or even a walk if the place happens to be nearby. Open the door like a gentleman and let her enter her personal oasis. Here’s what we have in mind – a romantic night at home! The soft music, the two of your side by side, enjoying all the soothing sex toys in bed – you’re not only being simply romantic, but actually mindful of her wellbeing. The two of you can get rid of all the stress and tension of everyday life, and if the evening ends up in the bedroom with the TV off, so be it.

Put pen to paper 

They say writing letters is a lost art, and if your girl has ever seen (and loved) Pride and Prejudice she won’t be able but think of a handwritten letter as the ultimate Victorian-style romantic gesture. Write a heartfelt letter expressing all the love in the best and most genuine way possible. Highlight all the things you love about her, remember all the best times the two of you have had and make a solemn vow to make every new day an adventure. These letters are not only amazing because they’re hers to keep and re-read forever, but they can also be of great help in rocky times. During a relationship crisis, which every couple experiences at some point and to a certain extent, a letter can serve as a reminder that the good always outweighs the bad. 

Plan in advance

If you’ve been listening carefully, you must have heard your lady say something about a place she’s dying to visit. It could be New Orleans, Los Angeles, New York, or even someplace really close by that she simply never got a chance to see. Think hard and try to remember some of the destinations she’s mentioned, and then do what – book the tickets and the hotel, what else? Pack a small suitcase for her with all the items she will need to the particular place, talk to her boss and arrange a few days off without her knowing. When the day arrives, just bust out the suitcase and tell her ‘honey, we’re sailing away’. Don’t even tell her where you’re going, although if it’s by plane she will figure it out. Nonetheless, it will be a spur-of-the-moment romantic getaway she will never ever forget, and one that is bound to make you fall in love with you all over again.