How do you remove twist back earrings?

We are living in a world where fashion is getting into our bloodstream. People are ready to spend millions just to look great and on point. Fashion comprises everything from shoes, clothing, jewelry, etc. One of the most used jewelry today s the earrings. There are so many types of earring but among the best are the twist back earrings.

Twist back earrings, or on other occasions referred to as screw back earrings are widely used by many people in the world today. Most women have recommended the twist back earring through surveys conducted by various fashion bodies. This is because of the following;

Advantages of the Twist back earrings.

1.Can be worn under any conditions.

Unlike earrings such as the clip on piercing, the twist back earrings can be worn under any condition.They are built in a way that they can not unscrew themselves and get lost. This means you can actually sleep with your twist back earrings on and wake up with them intact.


This factor also makes them best for children.The playful nature wants earrings that remain intact no matter the activity the child is involved in. You will not have to buy a new pair of earrings for your child now and then.


The twist back earrings are safer than other types of earrings. They have a back that protects you from accidentally hurting yourself with the earrings. However, you must repurchase the right size of twist earrings for this to be achieved.

To remove twist back earrings, care must be exercised.This is to avoid hurting the earlobe. Below is the procedure of removing the twist back earrings;

  • 1. Use your thumb and index finger to hold the post of the twist back earring. You should also carefully use your other hand to hold the head of the earring.
  • 2. Unscrew the back of the earring gently by rotating the back anticlockwise. Make sure you have an excellent grip of the post so that it can not fall off.
  • 3. In a few seconds, the back of the twist back earring slides off.
  • 4. You can then cautiously remove the other end of the twist back earring. For beginners who are using the twist back earring, you must have some wet wipes or methylated cotton wool to wipe the earlobe and piercing.
  • 5. After removing the twist back earrings, you should then store them in a place where they can not get misplaced, out of the reach of the children and a moisture-free area.

with the above procedure, you can easily remove the twist back earrings especially when you want to wear other earrings or change the twist back earrings to twist back earrings that match your dressing.

Advantages of the Twist back earrings.

The procedure to remove the twist back earrings from a child is almost the same, but you should be extra cautious because you may hurt the kid unaware. Choose the twist back earrings as your brand of earrings and enjoy the class of the earrings and their ease to remove using the above procedure.