How Do You Get More Likes And Followers On Instagram

Instagram is one platform where numbers count. A person can earn from this social platform if they get many people to follow them and like their posts. However, getting many people to follow you and like your posts isn’t easy.

There are some people who have been on Instagram for several years and have only a few hundred followers. In this article, we’re going to look at tips to help you gain more followers and more likes.

Be creative with your hashtags and know how to use them

Hashtags help people on Instagram to search for the posts they need. If you have creative hashtags, most of them will land on your profile, and this will increase the number of your followers. Once you create your hashtag, one that shows what you deal with, ensure that you put it out there for the people.



You can easily get people to follow your page by including the hashtag on receipts, ads, or even the store signage. You can also invite people to follow your page in case you find an opportunity to talk about your services on radio or TV. Visit this website to get more information.

Participate in trending conversations

Many people get to social media platforms daily to follow some of the trending conversations. By engaging in such discussions, you get to attract many people to like your posts as they visit your page to read them.

You also need to be creative with your posts. Make use of irony humor and sarcasm where necessary to get people addicted to your page. People will frequently visit pages with humor and also invite their friends to follow such pages.

Remove irrelevant photos from your profile

A page that is dedicated to one line of service will gain more followers compared to one that does not have any identity. Ensure that all the photos you are tagged in are relevant to the services you offer. Ensure that before people tag you in any images, you approve them. Related images will bring relevant followers to your profile who will keep checking your profile for other posts.


By using these strategies, you will gain many followers. With the increasing number of followers, you can market your products or even engage in affiliate marketing to make money.