Corporate Team Building Activities in Chicago

Sparing some free time as a corporate organization to create fun memories is quite crucial as it helps to improve the culture and development of the company. One way to achieve this is through corporate team building activities. These activities allow the employees to learn a few things about their mates and also get to understand and do things that are not related to the usual work.
There are various states in the US where these activities are quite common like in Chicago. This is because the city provides excellent venues where then companies can comfortably carry out their corporate team building activities. Some of the team building activities that you can do in Chicago are;

• Lip synching.

Have you ever seen your manager singing or even dancing? Well, this is just the perfect activity to get him or her getting down on the floor. The lip-synching action is a contest where you choose members from different team groups to compete in singing. The best thing when it comes to lip synching is that you don’t need to have a melodious voice or know the entire song, sing along with the beats, and you will be good to go.

• Scavenger hunts.

This is the activity which requires all the teams to put into practice their unity and teamwork. The event requires all the members to participate in helping one another come up with the expected results. You will be provided with pictures and videos of the items that they must collect on the way. So, the team that accumulates the things fast and all of them wins something.

• A fun day out.

Team building does not necessarily have to be about contests as you can also create some activities that allow you to loosen up a bit and enjoy as you relax your minds and bodies. Therefore, rent out a place that has all the required fun activities and time such as water slides, bouncing castles, swings and many others. There are several event sites in Chicago which hire such places, and if you have a large team of corporate employees, it would be best if you employ the ground for an entire day.

• Escape room.

A team building adventure cannot be complete until you can solve some puzzles in an enclosed place. This is where you get to learn how healthy your team’s relationship is and also how to stay together when faced with challenges. Escape room comprises of various clues and tips that the team members need to follow to either solve a puzzle or fetch something essential from the rooms that they are enclosed at.

• Creative construction.

This is the activity in team building which aims at stretching the level of creativity among the employees, proper planning and also the improve unity of the team. Design various creative items that the members of different groups are supposed to make and on time as well. You can offer an award to the team that will make the best design and on time as well.


There are so many corporate activities that you can do in Chicago with the above reviewed being some of the best to try out. Just search for a right place that will offer you privacy and choose activities that brings unity among the employees.