5 Successful Entrepreneurs Reveal

Setting business and managing to drive it up to a thriving position is not easy. Apart from capital investment, there must be the presence of full dedication to a clear vision. Besides, a committed team is fundamental. Despite venturing into different businesses, there is one common factor for all flourishing entrepreneurs. They all desire to move beyond their comfort zones.

Five entrepreneurs in booming businesses continue to reveal the art of success in entrepreneurship. Besides, they demonstrate the beautiful art of societal giving. more info here:

1. Jeff Bezos

Despite securing a stable and well-paying job at Wall Street, Bezos was not content. He moved into entrepreneurship. In 1994, he risked his finance job position and discovered Amazon. The business began as an online bookshop and is currently the world’s largest online shopping company.


Bezos is also the head of Spaceflight Company Blue Origin. The business icon continues to age gracefully and is a role model for many. He is the world’s richest man. His net worth is over $ 160 billion.

2. Mark Zuckerberg

He is the famous founder of the most popular social media networking site, facebook. Zuckerberg began the site in 2004 at a tender age. Overtime, facebook kept gaining popularity. It became the world’s most embraced social media network.

The site keeps on diversifying its operations. Recently, Facebook acquired the popular Instagram social network and WhatsApp messenger app. Zuckerberg reveals that age is not a limitation to attaining the greater heights of success.

His net worth is $ 62 billion. Besides, the young entrepreneur is committed to charitable giving. He vows to dedicate 99% of his Facebook shares to charity works. The celebrated social site continues to connect both friends and strangers globally.

3. Bill Gates

He is the CEO of Microsoft Corporation, a software firm. He receives a significant acknowledgment as a pioneer towards the revolution of the personal computing industry. The Microsoft operating system, windows solved most of the computer operations.


Technological work became easier for most people. Microsoft began in 1975 and kept on acquiring better innovations. The firm’s business diversifications include companies like; Skype, LinkedIn, and Microsoft Mobile (the former Nokia). Gates has a net value of $97 billion. Besides, he participates significantly in charitable projects.

4. Arianna Huffington

Huffington is the founder of the thriving online news publication, Huffington Post. The successful entrepreneur is a self-motivator. Having studied economics at Cambridge University, she began a career in journalism. Planning to launch a new media platform, the model received a lot of discouragements from both friends and family.

Business man

Huffington never gave in to defeat. She motivated herself, worked hard and built an investor buy-in. She then began the first, unique online-based opinionated news. The Huffington Post CEO encourages entrepreneurs that failure is the stepping stone to success. That, they should proceed past their fear of failing and achieve whatever they desire.

5. Warren Buffet

Presently, Buffet is one of the most thriving investors. The investor owns Berkshire Hathaway. The firm possesses more than 60 companies. Some of them include; Duracell and Geico. Warren Buffet has a net worth of $82 billion. He is a philanthropist and vows to direct 99% of his assets towards charitable works.